How Racism Persists Despite Liberalism: What Is Institutional Racism?

Despite seeming equality, institutional racism exists

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto King Bell’s book about life as a citizen of America is an eye-opening look into how racism persists and thrives in the modern era despite ostensibly more progressive and egalitarian policies. Despite the elimination of Jim Crow laws with the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, racism hasn’t gone […]

The Problem With Black Representation In Literature

A Black girl looking shocked while holding a book.

Photo by cottonbro studio Various forms of media have come a long way regarding black representation. The challenge is navigating those tropes properly without disrespecting a race maligned by history and colonization. There is an inspiring thought about black people being seen in a standard light in popular media. Every black kid watching a black-led […]

Beyond Color Lines

painted face

Photo by Alexander Grey In reality, most individuals have both good and bad, and everything in between. More importantly, black-and-white thinking limits humanity’s ability to see the truth. Generally, the human race has a vision problem. They only seem to see only two colors at a time. Everything they see and read is filtered through […]

Lessons We Must Learn About Race, Racism, And Racial Justice

Black activist wearing a Vendetta mask.

Photo by Anete Lusina Conversations around racism seem to be constantly shifting these days – and it only shows how important it is to talk about it more than ever. Race, racism, and racial justice are scarce in a country that calls itself the land of the free. Educating non-black people may have been a […]

Racism as an Ageless Issue

a photo of a child in a protest

Photo by Leandro Valentino American’t: The Corporate Plantation is among hundreds of materials discussing the pervasiveness of racism. However, despite it being a hot topic, most children remain ignorant. There’s been a heightened intensity of discussions about social injustices—one that has taken most of the limelight centers on racism. Following consecutive brutalities done with race […]

The Whys of Racism: Reasons Why Racism Persists

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It’s been years since people have collectively fought against racism. However, in American’t, a book about life as a black person, readers see how this issue persists despite the effort. The question is, why? Due to the various initiatives performed against it: the continuous protests, worldwide acknowledgment of its harmful consequences, and the proliferation of […]

A Writer’s Gift to His Time : A King Bell’s Legacy

A Writer’s Gift to His Time : A King Bell’s Legacy

The greatest gift that a writer can give to their readers are to empower them through words. Being a writer is indeed a responsibility, a responsibility that is very crucial because every writer’s voice is the reflection of his race, country and for his origin. By that being, a writer is a keen observer of […]

Combatting Workplace Racism

Combatting Workplace Racism

While they aren’t typically accounted for, multiple workers have constantly expressed experiencing racial discrimination in the workplace. Though they comprise only a tiny percentage of the population, admitting that this inequality is still a prevalent issue is the first step to a solution. Many factors affect relationships and the distribution of opportunities in the workplace. […]

Inclusivity, Diversity and the 7 Pillars

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Everybody deserves a chance to work. Everybody also deserves to work equally and fairly. An unfair work environment only breeds hostility not to mention unethical. Black Americans as well as other People of Color have long suffered the unfair work conditions that has been the normal to Corporate America. This Standard Operating Procedures presented more […]

A View from Below: A Discussion on Racial Discrimination

black people protesting

Discrimination has been a prominent issue in America and the whole world. For generations, people have been firmly fighting against such injustice, yet it seems as though no progress has been achieved. It’s 2022, and the world has been steadily progressing. People have significantly contributed to this with their continuous pursuance, discovery, and invention of […]