The greatest gift that a writer can give to their readers are to empower them through words. Being a writer is indeed a responsibility, a responsibility that is very crucial because every writer’s voice is the reflection of his race, country and for his origin.

By that being, a writer is a keen observer of his society—an observer of the things that are bad and good. Living a legacy like that, an author like King Bell is a perfect example of a writer whose lifework is an exceptional one. His book “American’t” contemplates the old fashion problem of racism in America and how it still lingers in society today. When finding a book that plunges into the idea of racism and racial inequality in America today, The Corporate Plantation on Bell’s book is a great place to be.

Race can be defined as a category of humankind that possesses distinguishing physical characteristics, most commonly the skin color. Throughout history, society has attached labels to races, spurring hatred among people of different races since, most of the time, the stereotypes are negative.

Skin color has been used to discriminate against people regardless of their abilities or achievements. For instance, racism is rampant in American communities, as shown by the famous people who have faced racial discrimination at some point in their lives.

Why People Have Different Colors ?

Melanin is the main reason why people have different skin colors. The skin’s brown pigment is a natural sunscreen that protects tropical peoples from the many harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV rays can, for example, strip away folic acid, a nutrient essential to the development of healthy fetuses. Yet when a certain amount of UV rays penetrates the skin, it helps the human body use vitamin D to absorb the calcium necessary for strong bones. This delicate balancing act explains why people who migrated to colder geographic zones with less sunlight developed lighter skin color. As people moved to areas farther from the equator with lower UV levels, natural selection favored more delicate skin, which allowed UV rays to penetrate and produce essential vitamin D. The darker skin of people who lived closer to the equator was critical in preventing folate deficiency.

The most reasonable explanation for this violence is that racially biased thoughts and values were passed down from generations as they were raised.

The black population was introduced not to like white people, and the white people were raised not to like black people. Inherent racism is a complicated issue to put an end to because we do but realize we are racist; it is in our nature. Racism is a mindset influenced by the surroundings and teachings that one requires and is subject to change.

Being able to be in a situation where you can be vocal about the ongoing crisis that really needs to address in a way that is revolutionary and attentive is what every writer wants to do. It is true that the situation of this kind of ongoing culture of discrimination is prevalent in today’s society that affects everyday lives. It is a common problem throughout the world.

King Bell, is an example of an exemplary author who wanted to address the crisis of racial discrimination that takes roots in the early days of the slave trade and slave ownership. As an African American writer, Bell’s primary mission is to expose the truth about the real situation of racial discrimination through his characters that every victim of racial discrimination can relate to.

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