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The corporate plantation

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"It's going to make you laugh, it's going to make you cry..."

Insight from the author

"If you

Are black


Being black in America comes with obstacles that we have to maneuver, and unfortunately, accept. I’ve chosen to write in my effort to maneuver since I can’t change the color of my skin, or the minds of so many in my country who lack the ability to possess compassion for anyone who isn’t white.

American’t is the superlative that highlights my vexation when America disappoints me, and I know that the many annoyances are shared by so many other non-white people through conversations, music, art, and yes, my contribution, to the plethora of other agitated Black authors.

The American’t community is composed of those who understand, not only the exasperations that come with waking up black, but the need to release the frustrations onto paper instead of using a gun, a bomb, or storming the Capitol.

To the NON-BLACK READER; Although I wrote this out of a very specific irritation of being a Black man in America, this is not a Black book, it is a great book and great books don’t possess a color; you too will enjoy the roller coaster.

What readers say.

If you are looking for a fiction novel that is a testament of the times we are living in as African Americans, this is the book for you. Bell does a phenomenal job of pulling the reader outside of their comfort zone and forcing them to think about life as a Black person living in America from a harsh, but realistic perspective. American’t will definitely provoke some heated debates and needed discussions about the current race relations in America and how they continue to impact Blacks

Dr. Carey Y.

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Chapter One:

WE ALL NEED to unwind after a day of hard work, or no work. But
a need to be around people. We need human interaction and touch,
away from the cold, mechanical political-correctness on a corporate
plantation. The real you needs an environment where no one has a
title and people actually have style. Men have swag or no swag.
Women have class or no class. I love living downtown because I
can exit my building, go left, right or cross the street and there’s
entertainment, food and art. I can feel the life of the city around me
like I’m a droplet of blood in the veins of the street. My city needs
me to live, as much as I need it. I’m one with the streets, and I’m one
with the city. My city is Charlotte, North Carolina….

What readers can expect

line separation

To feel the pain of the main character as he weighs his actions as a Black man who’s expected to adhere to European customs in America, when everything he sees is a derivative and denial of Africa.

To bear witness to the rawness of the Black Male and Female interaction when, instead of the expected norm, the Black male is the side piece.

To be enlivened by the exchange of the everyday mundane with the main characters’ juxtaposition of the Black race as slaves yesterday, and his belief that the Black race are still slaves today.

To ride an emotional roller coaster and be forced to put the book down, if only for a moment, to think of your own personal standing in American’t!

Author King Bell

Author King Bell takes us into the mind behind “American’t”, he details the reasons why he decided to take part in the richness that is African American Literature.

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The Corporate Plantation

Written by: King Bell

It is a strange time to be Black in America; a country where waking up Black can be considered a crime. Walk in the shoes of six Black men as they live through being Black in American’t. Observe how they maneuver through corporate America, love, friendship, and religion, while trying to understand why America CANNOT love Black people. Their journey will make you laugh, cry, become angry, but above all else, it will make you think. Are Black people citizens of America, which loves to wave its flag and boast of the constitution, bill of rights and emancipation proclamation? Or, are Black people subhuman at the bottom of a caste system,STILL slaves in American’t; this is their story, but you be the judge.