Combatting Workplace Racism

Combatting Workplace Racism

While they aren’t typically accounted for, multiple workers have constantly expressed experiencing racial discrimination in the workplace. Though they comprise only a tiny percentage of the population, admitting that this inequality is still a prevalent issue is the first step to a solution. Many factors affect relationships and the distribution of opportunities in the workplace. […]

Inclusivity, Diversity and the 7 Pillars

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Everybody deserves a chance to work. Everybody also deserves to work equally and fairly. An unfair work environment only breeds hostility not to mention unethical. Black Americans as well as other People of Color have long suffered the unfair work conditions that has been the normal to Corporate America. This Standard Operating Procedures presented more […]

A View from Below: A Discussion on Racial Discrimination

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Discrimination has been a prominent issue in America and the whole world. For generations, people have been firmly fighting against such injustice, yet it seems as though no progress has been achieved. It’s 2022, and the world has been steadily progressing. People have significantly contributed to this with their continuous pursuance, discovery, and invention of […]

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