Cultural Appropriation Vs. Appreciation of Black Culture

A group of Africans in their traditional wear, which is often the subject of cultural appropriation.

Photo by Breston Kenya It’s high time for us to discuss why this matters. Cultural appropriation has no plans to stop anytime soon, and it has been the longtime struggle of every black person, not just in America but worldwide. Cultural appropriation is picking apart one cultural aspect that isn’t theirs and mimicking them without […]

‘All Lives Matter’: Uncovering Problems Behind the Concept

A black frame signs with the saying “Your life matters” implying that all lives matter.

Photo by Brett Sayles “All lives matter” is a controversial movement propagated by people who don’t want to pick a side to fight for, especially when it comes to racial injustices. What is the problem behind this concept, and why shouldn’t we subscribe to it? “All lives matter.” You might have heard of it by […]

How Racism Persists Despite Liberalism: What Is Institutional Racism?

Despite seeming equality, institutional racism exists

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto King Bell’s book about life as a citizen of America is an eye-opening look into how racism persists and thrives in the modern era despite ostensibly more progressive and egalitarian policies. Despite the elimination of Jim Crow laws with the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, racism hasn’t gone […]

The Problem With Black Representation In Literature

A Black girl looking shocked while holding a book.

Photo by cottonbro studio Various forms of media have come a long way regarding black representation. The challenge is navigating those tropes properly without disrespecting a race maligned by history and colonization. There is an inspiring thought about black people being seen in a standard light in popular media. Every black kid watching a black-led […]